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Title: Zombocalypse

Description: You probably know the story behind December the 21st, year 2012. It is often referred to as the 2012 phenomenon, and in this year, on this date, it is believed that, besides many other interpretation that are not as bad, the Earth will come to its end, it will mark the end of the world, or a similar catastrophe. And some of the possible scenarios and reasons why this will happen include the collision of the Earth with another planet, the arrival of the next solar maximum, collision of the Earth and an object such as the black hole or a passing asteroid. And even though many people that are professionals in this area have dismissed these cataclysmic predictions, many people still believe that this is going to occur and are doing everything to prepare for something like this. So, it is now up to you to decide whether you think this is something that can really happen and there is proof of that, or you can choose to live your life like you have always and not care about what should come.

Game walkthrough: Well, it is December the 21st, year 2012, but things did not turn out the way people thought they would. Instead, the zombocalypse has happened. Your main task in this game will be to try and fight off the hoards of zombies that are roaming the, now empty city. The zombies are hungry for blood and they have killed everyone and everything, you are the only one that is still alive, but as things are going, I am afraid, not for long. However, if you concentrate, act quickly; you will be able to kill them before they kill you. The good thing is that there are many weapons in this game, so you can pick whichever comes first and use it for the kill. There will be swords, guns, and you can even use your fists. So cut them and shoot them to gain score and unlock even more weapons. You will need to move all the time and kill zombies every step of your way.

Game instructions: For movement you will need to use either the left and right arrow keys, or the A and D keys on your keyboard, depending on which you are more used to. The down arrow key is there for you to pick up the weapons you find along the way, while the up arrow key is for when you need help, so by pressing it, your support will arrive. Another instruction that you need and that is of vital importance is the space bar, which you will need to hit in order to shoot, slice or cut the zombies; and if you need a break from all this, you can always press the shift key. In the upper left corner you can keep an eye on your health bar and do not let it empty completely, because that will mean that you have died. In the bottom left corner you will get to see your weapon and if you are shooting with a gun, you can see the number of ammo you have go left. Now let’s go and survive year 2012!

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Added: 10 May 2012
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