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Title: Agh Zombies Game

Description: There were predictions about the doomsday since forever! Some people today recall Nostradamus while other recall even older sources. There were many predictions that the year 2012 will be the year when the end of the world will come but we believe that they are all fake, don’t we? But however we can’t ignore the fact that many people talk about it and that was the reason why the guy who made the following game use this year as the year when a zombie apocalypse will come. So what can you do when a zombie apocalypse is here? You know what we mean, kill zombies!

Game walkthrough: Since you have decided to play this game, the first thing that the game developers tell you is that you should rate your computer in a sense that the graphics are quite intense, so if your computer is weaker, you better decide for killing low species; if it’s medium hard, kill medium species and if it is really hard, go for killing high species. That attack in the game actually takes place in London, in 2012 on the Judgment day. You are this guy who is forced to face the zombies and what can you do in that situation except to kill them and save yourself of death or from the possibility to become one of them. So what will you do to kill them? – shoot them or simply fight with them with your hands. Here is one tip, when they are more far – shoot, and when they come near, use the gun and shoot.

Game instructions: Just check out the instructions and you are free to start killing the zombies. For movement through the space, you’ll be using the arrow keys, A key will allow you shoot while the S key is to use melee (what means to fight the zombies).

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