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Title: The Last Stand 2

Description: Have you ever been put in a situation to fight for your life? Well, I have to be honest, I haven’t. Most of us work as lawyers, accountants, salesmen, drivers, journalists or to cut things short, ordinary people with ordinary lives. That means that although we contribute to a better and healthier society, we haven’t (and probably never will), feel the adrenaline rush of battling for our own life. But the real question is do you want to experience that? If you do, then proceed with the reading and of course at the end press ‘start’.

Game Walkthrough:It’s you versus a wild horde of zombies. We are sure you are familiar with what zombies are. They are people that have died and afterwards risen from the dead. That is why it’s harder to kill them and the other tricky part is that they want to have a taste of your blood. It’s all up to you, will they succeed in their mission. This game is actually a sequel. The first, original one is also called ‘Last Stand’ and if you have played it than you will love this one because it’s improved and better. Up until now you must be wondering, where is the twist in this game, where is the catch, what makes it so special? Well, here it is. In this game you have a solid and interesting story behind. So you are a man that has to escape hordes of zombies and you have 40 days to do that. You final destination is Union City where you will be saved. Of course, we are not that cruel to leave you without a weapon. After all, you can’t kill a zombie without a solid (at least) a gun in your hand. Well, don’t worry you have it. But be prepared that one minute of not paying attention can cost you your life. So be aware that you have to be focused and at your best any given second in this game.

Game Instructions:To be the best zombie-killer, you need your keyboard and computer mouse. So, to move your character in the game use the W, A, S and D keys on the keyboard or the arrow-keys. Press R to reload, space bar to switch weapons and naturally use the computer mouse to aim and the left button to shoot from the weapon. There’s nothing more left to say, except see if you are capable of defending your own life against all the enemies coming at you!

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