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Title: Working Stiffs

Description: Even if some people find office work interesting and secure work, something you can count on, some people are more into more adventurous and more exotic professions like being a musician or a policeman. But what if a calm and easy job turns into something really extraordinary and unpredicted? Well that will actually happen in the game that follows. There is some high building in the city where certain company is placed. You are working a regular office job, buried in spreadsheets, but everything changes after you receive a rogue email containing a deadly brain-melting cybervirus. Your regular everyday job turns into huge adventure where you need to fight your way through the world of the undead. The only solution for you and your colleagues is to make a hole on the roof and get to the helicopter that has been send for evacuation.

Game Walkthrough: You could never imagine that something like this could happen in your real life but in this game you’ll have to face this monster invasion. The building is under attack and you have to stop acting like stiff, take the responsibility in your hands and solve the situation. The game is divided into 15 challenging levels in which your general task is to escape from the building but in every level there is another more concrete challenge like defeating the manager, freeing trapped friends, burning some zombies, collecting some documents before you go, or some combinations of those requirements and the last mission is to defeat your C.E.O and gather all your colleagues for evacuation. This game won’t be a regular zombie shooter, but it also asks for some strategy making. Sometimes you’ll have to simply go from room to room till you find the one with the exit door but sometimes you’ll be locked in a room, so you have to find the key for opening it, and there is some particular order that should be respected if you like to go throw…with few words, you will have to thing for a while before you take any move.

Game Instructions: So your mission in general is to escape the building, taking your colleagues with you. For moving people you would use the mouse. Click on the person using the left mouse click, and then drag it on the wanted place, still holding the left mouse button. To take some weapon in your hand, just walk over it and you don’t have to worry about killing the zombies that will come on your way because the weapon shoots automatically. Also try to get to some weapon just when you start to play because if a zombie finds you in a narrow space, it will kill you in a minute without any thinking. There are few different kinds of weapon, and if you already have one, pass over the other, to switch it. In the office may appear some boxes or some other office materials so pass over them too because they may contain some useful items like other weapons or medicine kit. While you move through the office, make sure that the people stay together, click on many of them and drag them all to the exit, of course if the levels ask you to do that since in some levels it will be only you. If you like to move only one person at a time, use Ctrl key and left mouse click. With pressing the space bar, you get an overview of the map that shows you a panoramic view of the office. That will help you see better the whole situation, to find more quickly the exit door or some other item that is required for passing the level. You can also move through the office, without moving the other people by using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys.

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