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Title: Sonny 2

Description: This is a continuation of a story that begun one month ago. You woke up on a ship and you did not remeber anything that happened before. Something is telling you that something terrible happened there. You almost died there, and your friend Louis the blind somehow found a way to get you back from the dead. Unfortunately you failed to protect him and now he is dead. But now you have another friend called Veradux. He will help you get to the end of the Zone, to the Distopia. Try to get there and find out what waits you at the nd of this journey.

Game walkthrough: This game is for those of you that are really fond of not just shooting experience, but a deeper engagement with the zombies. So, that's why we have brought you the newest edition of this genre. The first time you were asked to help Sonny on an amazing adventure full of horror and action. This time he is in trouble again and he really needs your help to fight of more hordes of undead enemies. This is a Role playing strategy game in which your objective is to defeat all the enemies and reach the end of the Zone. At the beginning you will be asked to pick one of the classes: Psychological, Biological and Hydraulic. The Psychological line is based on attacking the mind, with different abilities that you have on disposal that are very powerful. The Biological Line gives you the opportunity to rip your prey apart or melt them down with toxic poisons. Deciding which attributes and abilities you want is very important, because they can make big difference later on in this game. It is also very important to equip your new abilities from your 'Ability Pool' into your 'Combat Action Bar' or you won't be able to use them. You will notice that some abilities can be equipped even more than once. Sometimes the enemies will drop some items that can be of use, because you can either equip it onto your character, or you can sell it at a shop. After the fight you can choose the ones you want to keep by clicking on them. You can always insert some of the un-wanted items into the yellow slot for recycling in the ship's supply vending machine. It is of utmost importance to learn how to use the upgrade points available once you get them. Come along and enjoy this awesome mix of strategy game and role playing game that will suck you in from the moment the story begins. Collect experience and money to raise both levels and upgrade to bigger and better weapons and defense gear.

Game Instructions: This zombie game can be played with the use of the mouse. The most important thing is to follow the instructions on the screen and there won't be any problem for you. To activate the different abilities of your character you should just click the left mouse button. So, what you need to do is to make a good plan for the attack to eliminate your enemy. Go ahead to the final victory!

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