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Title: Zombies Runaway

Description: You have probably heard many times about the zombie apocalypse!?! Well, it seem that it is really possible. Imagine that this actually happened and those ugly and creepy zombies started to rule the world. But there is a cure for this! The secret Lily of Life! You are the one that has to find it!!!

Game Walkthrough: The point of this game is to slay zombies and to find the secret lily of life. Yes, this is actually thought out to be the miraculous cure hidden deep into the realm of the undead! Nobody succeed to find it. But maybe things are going to change. You should collect gems in each level. You have the chance to find it. But you should have in mind that the way to get there is not easy at all. At the beginning it will be easy, but as you progress through the game things will become more and more difficult. You should be very careful how you move your character for the reason that it is very dark and those zombies are waiting there. You should try to jump over them. You will also have to jump over ditches. The main difficulty in this game is the dark scene; things would have been much easier if it was light. But anyway, exactly this thing gives an interesting note to the whole ambient and makes even more exciting! Unlike many other zombie games, this one is much more adventurous! So, instead of just shooting zombies, you are in a quest for the hidden and magical cure, which is much exciting!

Game Instructions: To play this game you should use several control keys. So, to move around you need to use the WASD or arrow keys, to attack you should press X or K keys. You should also use Spacebar or J to jump. Well, you have a really interesting task to accomplish, so I hope that you will be brave and careful enough!!! Good luck and find what you are looking for!

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