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Title: Towely Zombie Killer

Description: It`s an extremely dark night and everything seems so quiet! Everybody is sleeping! But suddenly some strange sounds started to appear in those late hours! Oh, something strange started to happen! It seems that at the creepy cemetery, the dwellers of the graves seem to be moving twitchily. The dead are rising from their graves! They are undead, they are zombies!!! They are attacking again! Oh, no! Something has to be done! Go ahead and seize that gun to go there at the cemetery to put an end of these zombie attacks! It is now your chance to stop this zombie action and save the place of those nasty walking dead that are now wandering at the cemetery. Come on, watch very carefully and shoot every creepy monster that pokes its head out from behind a gravestone or tree.

Game Walkthrough: This game requires great speed, because those zombies emerge from behind the graves! Although the game play seems simple and easy, this is a strongly demanding game in means of speed and precision! At times it seems impossible to accomplish! But whether this is true or false, you are the one who has to check it! If you fail to accomplish, don`t worry…you have your own place at the cemetery waiting for your name to be inscribed…so R.I.P. buddy!! Oh, creepy! But anyway, give your best to shoot as many zombies as you can!

Game Instructions: Playing this game requires usage of the mouse only, so you should point with it click with the left mouse button to shoot! Have fun and stay alive if you can!!!

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Added: 1 May 2012
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