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Title: Sonny

Description: You do not remember what had happened. You only have some parts of your memory left that tells you that you were on a ship and that something terrible happened there. Yes you are right, you are on the ship called White November with your friend Louis. He calls you by the name Sonny, but you can not remember your real name. You probably died there, but Luis somehow found a way to get you beck from the dead. You don't remember even yur name, but your friend is here to help you. Try to protect him, because he is the one that will help you remember everything. But after the enemies have wounded him, he is dying. Trying to save his breath he gives you a tape and tells you to remember. But remember what?

Game walkthrough: For those of you that love a deeper game experience with your zombies, Zombie we have brought you the latest free game in the horror genre. Once you start playing Sonny, you will be asked to pick one of four classes of heroes: Destroyer, Guardian, Assassin, and Gunslinger. Destroyer is a physical melee class, specializing in strength and endurance, so you can play as defensive (survival) or offensive character. Guardian is a hybrid class, based in both magic and physical strength. The Guardian has very high survivability and offers many different playing styles. The story then starts out with a call from Sonny, where he tells you about the fateful day he died on board a large ship. This role playing and strategy game combination will have you mesmerized for hours. Add in an entertaining story line and this game is a winner for any fan. Assassin is a physical melee class, with high speed and high burst damage, but low health. The Gunslinger is a magic based class that can deal massive damage with deadly spells and abilities. The Gunslinger, however, has very low health. There is a possibility to level up once in a while. So, it means that you will get the chance to upgrade your character. Deciding which attributes and abilities you want is very important, because they can make big difference later on in this game. You must also have in mind that to equip your new abilities from your 'Ability Pool' into your 'Combat Action Bar' or you won't be able to use them. You will notice that some abilities can be equipped even more than once. Some of the enemies you fight can drop some items. Those items are good for you, because you can either equip it onto your character, or you can sell it at a shop, indicated by the blue icon on the 'map'. After the fight you can choose the ones you want to keep by clicking on them. There is also the ship's supply vending machine. Insert un-wanted items into the yellow slot for recycling. When you get upgrade points available you should learn how to use them. If you beat the enemies on the ship, you will get the chance to go on the Ghost beach and continue the fight.

Game Instructions: Playing this interesting game will require the use of the mouse. Follow the instructions and you won't have any problem. Just click the left mouse button to activate your character in different situations. Make a good plan for the attack and you will eliminate your enemy.

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