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Title: Unlimited Zombies

Description: Your family house is near old graveyard. You have been told by the elders that it is a dangerous place. You have heard the story about dead people getting from their graves and going around at night. Many people said that they had an encounter with the dead. Or maybe they are the undead, those that never settled in their graves and have never found peace. Their souls left and their bodies wander around without any purpose. They are just hungry and the only thing they need is fresh flesh. The only food they want is you. You are very near to the graveyards, so you are the first on their list. So, what you are going to do if somebody tell you that there are some zombies and that they are approaching your house? Will you run away or you will try to get some arms and try to protect your family and friends? It is not an easy question! You can not even suppose what it means to confront the hordes of zombies that are getting nearer with each and every second that passes. There is no time to lose. Get to the basement, seal the doors and take all the ammo available in the house. You must be prepared for the first attack, and then the second, the third, the fourth etc. You can not know at this point how many of them will be out there, but you should be prepared for more.

Game walkthrough: You are in your house and you expect an attack by the hordes of zombies that are coming to get you. You have placed yourself on the balcony and you are heavily armed. But that is not enough. You should shoot them with great precision and try to stop them approaching your door. If they break in it will mean that they will get you and you will die. Kill the endless waves of oncoming zombies and then buy health and upgrades with the money you make. Each zombie that you will kill will earn you some money that you can use to buy either health or some weapons. Try to use the money wisely and do not let the health to be at low level. It is a risk that you can not afford at this moment. There are some zombies that are unexpectedly fast and they will get to the door very quickly if you don't stop them on time. Some of them can not be shot down with only one shot, so you should keep trying. There is no other reward but your own life. So give your best and stay alive.

Game Instructions: To kill the zombies you should use your mouse, moving the mouse you can aim at them and then just click the left mouse button to shoot. There is no need to stop shooting, because you have unlimited supplies of bullets. But also there is unlimited number of zombies that are coming at you. This is a final battle. There is no other way of escape. You decided to stay, so now you should fight to the end.

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Added: 29 April 2012
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MrSnoop0499 (29 April 2012):
kiss my ass
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