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Title: Zombie Horde 3

Description: So, you are driving your hammer military jeep through the forest in an area that is flocked with hordes of mindless cruel and aggressive creatures... zombies! You are traveling with three other soldiers that were in that forest for a long time. You already knew that place is infested with zombies, and it is a wonder that they stayed alive long enough for you to pick them up. They were fortunate enough to have the constant supply of ammo even it was a long and terrible adventure that lasted for a countless number of days. So is it that they are some kind of bounty hunters and they killed zombies for cash, buying weapons with that money? Or maybe it is something else going on here. You will find out later. That group of soldiers sat there and defended a base by themselves with thousands of zombies attacking them every day. It is really strange how they managed to stay alive there in constant threat. As one of them says, And it is really interesting what they were doing there. They are here, you can sense their presence and you should know that they are heavily armed. Suddenly one of them takes out the bazooka and shoots a missile toward your vehicle and takes you down. Zombies are attacking the city and no one is safe there anymore, so you should take care of yourself. There is no place to hide. You just need to find the right weapon and the decision to fight them to the end. Now that your friends are dead, and you are the only one that somehow managed to survive, there is no other option but fight against all the zombies. You know this area well and you should go to the garage for more weapons and information. You should not spare anyone of them, because it is your life that is on stake here.

Game Walkthrough: The final goal of the game is to stay alive. It is simple as that. Playing through story mode will allow you to unlock weapons and stages for survival mode. There are four stages that you should go through: Slums, Inner city, Medical and Industrial. If you choose to play through survival mode it will allow you to defend a position for an unlimited amount of time, using the firearms and ammunition acquired in story mode. There is a special opportunity to be armed to the teeth. You can use different weapons and use both of our hands.

Game Instructions: Play this game and try to survive! How to do that? It is indeed not so easy to find the way out of there. So, you will need both your keyboard and the mouse for that. To move up you should use the W key, and to move down, you should use the S key. To move left and right you should use the A and D key respectively. Press the R key on your keyboard to reload your weapon. There is also a special option that can help you if you run out of bullets. So, by pressing the spacebar you will perform left arm attack. To get in or out of the vehicle you should use the CTRL key on the keyboard. The Q and E keys on the keyboard will be useful to you for changing both left and right weapon.

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