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Title: Zombie Smasher

Description: And yes, we all probably know that the undead are notoriously hard to kill, and the reason for that is of course because they are already dead. To succeed killing a zombie, you’ll have to cause some huge damage to the device that's keeping them alive and that is actually their brain. And not, we are not speaking metaphorically here, there is nothing worth in their brain but simply it is the organ where their power is concentrated. And as we have seen in the movies, there are numerous ways for killing a zombie and movies show that you can be really creative in doing that but however, there are some ways that have shown to be the best ways for killing zombie, and again they are all focused on destroying the brain. The process of cutting out the head is knows as decapitation and that can be most successfully done with a chainsaw, machete, or samurai sword. Blunt object, anything from a baseball bat to a brick can be of use. Just wield with a proper force on his head and that’s it. you may also explode the head of the zombie and in this case we talk about causing a really big damage and a big mess that asks for having a heavy weaponry like powerful guns or rocket launcher. The procedure is the following; shoot, load, and repeat. And if you can’t attain a sniper rifle for example, a Molotov cocktail is also good.

Game Walkthrough: Do you feel like smashing? Well, probably you can’t feel like that but let’s formulate it different, do you feel nervous enough to start smashing zombies all around you? This is a perfect way to let out all your negative energy, perhaps the most harmless way, because you won’t be causing real damage, just a damage in the game and that is an imperative here. So, you like to take a revenge on those zombies for all the bad things that has happen in your life so start smashing them without having mercy. The game will be played using vehicles, so drive them properly and cause as much damage as you can. It is actually a puzzle game that includes 30 interesting levels and your task in every level is the same, to use the laws of the physics and to calculate what you should do to kill as many monsters as possible. Sometimes you’ll have to stop at the right time, sometimes to make a big jump and destroy them all with a flip…your actions depend from the level itself, so don’t count on the same trick that you’ve done in the previous level. Check out all the conditions and act as the moment suggests. If you don’t kill enough zombies, you may fail the level and you should restart it in order to pass it, and on other hand, if you feel that you can do better and you are not satisfied by your action, press restart again and try to pass it better than the previous time.

Game Instructions: This is actually a driving game but not a regular type of them because it won’t be left – right arrow keys’ for that but you’ll be using the mouse. To drive and smash a zombie, click once on the car. Since these roads are not finished and you may easily fall down of the road, is quite important to stop your vehicle at the right time. Also you don’t want to crush into a wall and that may also happen in this game. The second click will make the car stop, so calculate how much before you should do that because these vehicles, like all real vehicles, can’t stop instantly. But in other situations it won’t be necessary to stop because that way you will cause bigger damage and while you smash those creatures you should cause a lot of damage because for that you will earn more points. And there is another good thing about this game that comes as a bonus of the game. Not just zombies, if you feel tired of killing zombies, switch the game into people killing mode and there are another 30 levels waiting for you.

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