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Title: Zombies in your Backyard

Description: Our society is full of tales of the undead walking the Earth, starting from our religions to the numerous comic books. I guess that you have heard many of them as well! Yes, they sound scary and terrifying, but somehow it is hard to believe in such stories! But anyway, many people believe in them! Are you one of those people who believe in such things? Well, some sort of zombie apocalypse is actually possible. Yes, it's quite possible. Here's five ways it could happen, according to science. This thing actually happened in Haiti and this is the place where the word 'zombie' comes from. There are books about it, the most well-known is written by Dr. Wade Davis, with the title Passage of Darkness and The Serpent and the Rainbow. Does this title sound familiar to you? Well, yeah…if you are fond of those horror zombie movies, you have probably watched the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow! This movie was based on this guy's authentic science material. You might ask how much of it was fact? If you remember the scene where they strapped the man nude to a chair and drove a huge spike through his balls. Well, probably this scene wasn`t true, but the rest…..hmm….what do you think? This guy was form Haiti and he was declared dead by two doctors and buried in 1962. But something strange occurred! He was seen wandering around the village 18 years later. Yeah, whole 18 years he was thought to be dead! It turned out the local voodoo priests had been using naturally stirring chemicals to 'zombify' people in order to put them work on the sugar plantations. OMG! Can you imagine this?

Game Walkthrough: It seems that you will have to deal with those creepy undead creatures! It also seems that you lost both doors to the house! In this zombie game you can do many things! It offers you a lot of opportunities to choose and to adjust it in the way that most suits you, which is great! Well, yeah, you have only one goal…to shoot zombies, but you are able to use many different things and many different ways how to do that! You're going to shoot zombies, buy new weapons, ammo and health and hopefully survive 10 days of the zombie apocalypse until the rescue team arrives. In this game you're going to shoot zombies, buy new weapons, ammo and health and let`s hope that you`ll survive 10 days of the zombie apocalypse until the rescue team arrives. Well, at least you have to give your best!

Game Instructions: In this zombie game you have to use the following controls: W - Jump/Double jump; A/D - Walk; R - Reload; Mouse - Aiming; Left click - Shoot; also the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or Q/E - Change weapon! Good luck and have fun while playing this game! And also try to stay alive!

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Added: 24 April 2012
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