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Title: Pandemic 2

Description: You probably know about the current socio-political climate considering bio-chemical threats and attacks and the world's collective fear of a pandemic virus, bacteria or parasite which will be able to kill every last person on the planet. But for all of you who don't give a damn about this and just want to play a nuts bio-chemist for a while, this is a great game! By the way it's an interesting concept in gaming, perhaps even a brave move on the developer's part, taking into consideration the above mentioned situation.

Game Walkthrough: This game is the sequel to the morbidly fun original Pandemic, a game in which your goal is to wipe out the humanity with the just right virus. This is a kind of real-time strategy game in which you get to play God or the Devil, it depends how you perceive this concept. But anyway, this time you are the evil power and you are doing a really malicious job. You are given the choice to generate diseases, each having its own innate advantages and disadvantages. You can see a map of the world before you, with a mini-map in the upper-left corner for swift direction-finding. Below the mini-map is a news feed, keeping you up-to-date on breaking world news. The world map represents the two dozen or so main world countries and areas that Pandemic 2 recognizes, with a variety of symbols within them representing hospitals, airports, shipyards and water plants. Below the map are menu functions to enter the main menu, world info, disease info and to adjust the speed of the game. You can also make a pause if you need that. On the whole, the game-play is rather simple once you get familiar with the user interface and the game scheme, even though it can all be a bit overpowering if you try to just enter into it without following the tutorials or reading the handy game guide. If you want to understand the game seriously, you should follow them. You'll want to at least watch the first video tutorial to get you on the right track. Nevertheless, the game play boils down choosing your virus and molding that disease into a fast-spreading, killing machine. Speed really is the key, because the goal of the game is to wipe out every last person on earth. The problem is that once your disease jumps from similar to a widespread cold to something more threatening, nations of the world begin taking steps to keep away from infection. They close down airports and shipyards, close their borders and finally begin implementing marshal law and burning infected corpses. Basically, it is a race against human race to sneak in under the radar, pass on a disease to every nation on the planet Earth, and then become deadly enough to wipe everyone out. That's cruel! It actually can't be more cruel than that!

Game Instructions: The main navigation tool for this game is the mouse. So the only thing you should do is to click with the left mouse button. Also below the map you can see your 'evolution points', the currency of the game used to upgrade your disease. You can earn evolution points by both infecting and killing people, a number which precisely corresponds to real-world global and national populations. Well, you have a really serious task you malicious being! Well, it's just a game, so you can play it without worrying!

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