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Title: Baterminator

Description: What can we say about bats that you haven’t already heard of? You probably know that they are night animals; they sleep during the day because they cannot see when there is too much light, and then, as night falls, they go out and fly, hunting for bugs and other insects in order to feed themselves and their little ones. And when you combine this with their appearance, which is very ugly and scary, almost dragon like, it is no wonder that they are one of the animals that are most feared by men. There are also many stories about bats and how they attack humans, but so far I haven’t met anyone that has ever been attacked by these creatures. And the most popular story about bats, and that my parents and grandparents told me to scare me is the one where the bats attack you in a way that they go inside your hair, which is especially if you have long hair, and then stay there and suck the blood of your head.

Game walkthrough: You better not be afraid of bats, because this next game is all about them. They will be everywhere around you, so you might as well get used to it. This is a great game for overcoming your fear of this very interesting, but at the same time, quite scary and dark creatures. And it is not enough that they look scary, but also there are so many stories about how they tangle themselves inside your hair and suck your blood, something similar to vampires. Well, no need for worries, because now you have the chance to get even with them. This game is all about extermination of bats. You are going to be on a leaf, and branches with bats hanging on them are going to pass by you. There will usually be about three bats on each branch, but sometimes even more. You will need to hit as many bats as you can, and the perfect score will be to hit all of them and make them fly away from the branches. There is no time, no help, so everything is up to you.

Game instructions: There is only one instruction that you need to know about this game, and that is that you will only need to use your mouse. Move the mouse in order to move yourself left or right, and then position the cursor so that you hit bats. Once you have done all this, click on the left mouse button to shoot. On the right side of the screen you can keep track of your score, for every bat that you hit and make fly away, you will get ten points. Right under the score, you will see a table with the number of bats you have missed, so you can keep track of that as well and calculate your best score. Try to hit as much bats as you can and to score higher every time you play this interesting game.

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