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Title: Ruperts Zombie Diary

Description: Do you believe in the so called Zombie apocalypse? Many people believe that the zombie apocalypse will really appear, but how this is going to happen is still unfamiliar! Some scientists declare that this is actually really possible to happen and they are trying to expose it and prove it with some scientific facts. Oh, you should know that the zombie apocalypse is gory and frightening. Ok, anyway…if this is really going to happen, you don`t need to worry…it`s too early to be concerned with this stuff…until then…try to see the humorous part of it…

Game Walkthrough: Zombie Apocalypse…terrible and horrible... but also strangely panic-stricken if you hit a dapper English gentleman in a bowler hat as the lead! Rupert's Zombie Diary is a zombie endurance arcade game that takes place in early 20th century London. Take on zombies that have occupied the streets of London, the Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and Scotland Yard. You should destroy the zombies and use their bodies as surfboards as you try to clear each region before time runs out. After each day, the zombies will raise in numbers and drift, which will make your task a little more difficult! You can spend your money on skills that will help you avoid the undead population from getting out of control. Well, Rupert's Zombie Diary is an action-packed shooter, full of all the squashy gore, wild and mad zombies, and slapstick gory comedy you will like. When a necromancer gets up from the dead with the plan of taking over London, Rupert will stop at nothing in his quest to clear the city out and make it home safely single-handedly. In this zombie game, your main objective is to battle against an Evil Wizard's undead army to release 1902 London. Buy perks to turn into the ultimate Zombie killing machine! An Evil Wizard has taken over London, and is using an army of Zombies to do his bidding. You take control of Rupert, a man who stands up to the evil time in power. In this action endurance game, you will have to learn efficient and vicious special moves to strike down your rivals. So, come on…you have a chance to develop tactics, and buy perks to become the crucial zombie killing machine. Each day Rupert visits a special part of the city, trying to clear it totally of zombies and make enough money to make it stronger against new assault. Easier said than done since the zombies have strengthening and necromancy and you have a funny capability to surf around on bloody corpses. Oh, yeah…it sounds funny…and weird!!! Each phase has a definite number of zombies to take out and a time limit; kill all the zombies and you'll get a big cash bonus you can either spend on upgrades and skills, or stockpile to eventually keep the area fresh and zombie clean lastingly. If you give up the ghost or the time runs out earlier than your slaughter is complete, you'll take a punishment to the cash you would've earned, but you can always just try again, so don`t worry! While Rupert and his Zombie Diary are more than a little reliant on crushing, the peculiar sense of humor and cartoon-like look help to make this game so cool and unique! It is indeed so much different from the great variety of zombie games you can find online with nearly the same game play. It sort of feels like a goofier, more limited version of the Mercenaries mini game in Resident Evil, and if you're just looking for a spot of fiercely excellent fun to fill some time, Rupert might just be the right game for you!!!

Game Instructions: Well, there are standard control keys, so you should aim and shoot with your mouse; move with the WASD keys from your keyboard and kick by pressing Spacebar. Press 'Q' to switch weapons and press 'R' key to reload. So, use the [WASD] keys to move around, and if you want to pause the game, use [ESC], which can pause the game if you need to take a break from all the red and the grinding and the bullets and everything happening there!

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Added: 20 April 2012
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