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Title: Monster High: Lagoona Blue

Description: Hello our friend! If you are wondering at this moment who is Lagoona Blue, you have definitely missed a lot! Perhaps you thought that monsters and zombies are boring because you know all about them but as you see it’s not like that. Meet Monster High! - characters inspired by monster movies and horror fiction! As a matter of kids that go in this school are kids of some really known monsters like Dracula, the Mummy, Medusa, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, then zombies, a werecat, ghosts…and this fact gives them some extra charisma. They have different skin tones like blue, green, pink, and also have various attributes of the monsters they are related to, for instance fangs, stitches, wolf ears, fins, bandages, etc. And yes, we were talking about Lagoona Blue. Well she is a daughter of the sea monster, the creature from the Black Lagoon. Lagoona is aa transfer student from ‘Down Under’ (the sea) and she is quite laid back and friendly girl. She is friend with almost everyone in Monster High and she is a girlfriend of Gil - the fresh-water son of the River Monster. Most of the time Lagoona is calm and level-headed, but she also have strong emotions, especially when it comes to romance and friendship, and she would do everything for her beloved ones. Another interesting thing about her is that she is an environmentalist – she takes care of the sea, she shows sympathy to many aquatic elements, including fish, frogs and all water creatures; but trash and pollution in the ocean are things that can make her angry. Lagoona’s skin is pale blue in scales while her face has light purple freckles. Her hands are webbed and she also has fins that stick out from her lower arms and legs. Lagoona’s hair is curly and blonde, and is streaked blue due to the chlorine from the high school pool. And now you still have the courage to say that monsters are boring?

Game walkthrough: And now it’s time for you to get your task for today! Since Lagoona Blue is such a cool girl, you definitely won’t do there to kill her or do her some harm, but you’ll actually be her personal stylist. Yes, you heard us right! Lagoona is standing there with her bikinis, waiting for you to help her look nice for every occasion. You can start with some basic things, like her hair and then continue with the clothes. Go for a nice curly hair, or decide for a pony tail that will also look great on her, and you may also add some accessories to make her look more fancy. When it comes about the clothes, decide for a nice dress or for a combination of cute top with a short skirt, or interesting pants. The high heels are one more part of Lagoona’s image, and you will especially enjoy choosing between many extravagant models. And the last element, since she is still going in school, find some great bag that fits perfectly to her style.

Game instructions: We don’t worry about your sense of fashion, we are really sure that you will make her look adorable! Lagoona Blue stands on the left side of the picture while the clothes and the accessories are on the right side. There are smaller icons that represent each part of her clothes, so you should click using the left mouse button on some of the icons to see the available options. Let’s say that you’ve clicked on the dresses so you can see few different dresses in front of you. With clicking on the arrow that is positioned under the clothes, you get even more new dresses to choose from. This procedure should be repeated with all the clothes, till you get the complete look of this girl, so enjoy!

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