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Title: Santa Kills Zombies

Description: Christmas is nearing! All the kids throughout the world are impatiently waiting to get their presents! As usual, Santa was preparing presents for all of them and he is here for this special Day, but this time he is not here to bring presents and toys for the good kids! Something unusual happened near his house! Some strange creepy zombie- like creatures showed up and they wanted to ruin the presents for the kids and also to kill Santa! Oh, no! This must be stopped! So, instead of packing the presents, Santa has another thing to do now!!! He is back to stop those evil zombies, and bring death and pain to all of them! There is no other way! Once again Santa returns to stop the invasion of brainless zombies that are trying to kill the spirit of Christmas! Take control of Santa as he made his last stand defense! Shoot everyone, kill everyone! All zombies must die! No mercy!!! The kids must get their long expected presents from Santa!!!

Game Walkthrough: Santa got prepared to wait the approaching hordes of zombie enemies who want to ruin Christmas! Your task in this game to help Santa deal with these dangerous and evil creatures! Just imagine how sad the kids will be if they don`t get their presents! You must give your best to shoot all zombies! There no other way! Santa is lifted up on a platform i.e. the roof of the house at the left side of the game screen while the evil creatures are emerging one by one from the right side of the game screen. Well this Santa is really prepared, and armed to teeth! He has a pistol, a shotgun, an UZI and a M4A1! Wow! He is not bad, ha? Not bad at all! So, he must kill the zombies, one by one, and you should point your gun toward them and shoot them as they are coming! But be careful. If you let them approach too close to the house, they will actually enter and invade it, so that will be the END!!! Maybe you will need to shoot more times in a row in order to take out a zombie (oh, yeah…they are really though creatures, so it`s not going to be easy), so try to aim precisely and try to aim in their heads, because it seem these are their most vulnerable spots. At the top of the game screen you can see your health level, the number of bullets, the zombie wave and the score! So, come on…get the best out of it!

Game Instructions: To play this game you need to use the mouse. Position the mouse cursor at the right spot, and as soon as you are ready, just click on the left mouse button to shoot!!! In order to swap weapons, you should press the keys 1, 2, 3 and 4. If everything is clear, you better start right now and stop those ugly and evil creatures before they start ruining Charismas!!!

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Added: 15 April 2012
Rating: 3.88 [Rate]
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