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Title: Zombie Slash

Description: There are millions and millions of games involving zombies on the internet. And after playing so many of them, I am sure you already know quite a lot about zombies. However, they are not the same and do not have the same features in every game. In some, they only want to kill you, in others they will try to eat you alive, there are those where you are told that they cannot see well, but can smell ten times better than you, etc. These are all things that you need to have in consideration when playing a new game, and this is a knowledge that you should try to use in every game, regardless of if it applies or not. You never know, it might set you ahead all the other players and you might just earn the first place on some list. The point is, remember everything from every game you play, you never know when it might come in hand.

Game walkthrough: So, you already know that this game is about zombies, if not from the intro, which you may have not read, then solely from the title of this game. And if you haven’t read the intro, I suggest you do that now, because there is some really useful information there. Now let us see what kind of zombies we are dealing here with. First of all, and before you even start, there is an important decision that you have to make. There are two types of games here; one is called the Arcade, while the other one I called The Time Attack. In the first one, your job will be to slash as many zombie heads as you can. You can use dynamites for this job too. However, you must be careful, if you miss one head and it falls down, you will lose one of your lives. And you only have three of them. For extra lives, slash the hearts. And you must never slash the biohazard canisters, because you will pay a big prize for that, as well. Also, if you slash fast, you will get combos. The other type is all about the time. You will have 90 seconds, and in that time, you will need to slash as many zombie heads as you can. You must not slash the brains, though, because if you do, it will allow the zombie heads to fall, and this means that you will lose precious time.

Game instructions: The instructions are pretty straightforward. You need to use your mouse all the time. Move it to set the aim and then click the left mouse button to shoot, that is, slash. On the top of your game screen, you will find some icons. On the right corner are the pause and sound icons, while on the left is the number of the zombie heads you have slashed. Right in the middle, between these icons, is the time, which you need to keep an eye on, especially if you are playing in the time attack mode. Now go on and choose you mode and start slashin’ some heads.

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