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Title: Zombie Horde

Description: We are constantly confronting with some predictions about the end of the world! Have you ever heard about the so called Zombie apocalypse!?! There were many predictions about the end of the world, but obviously many of them turned out to be false! But anyway, many people believe that the zombie apocalypse will actually occur, but how this is going to occur is still unknown! Scientists declare that this is in fact really likely to happen sometime in the future and they are trying to picture it and of course to find some scientific proofs. By the way you shouldn`t be afraid that that this could happen! Relax yourself and start playing these zombie games where you will be able to kill those ugly and creepy undead creatures who want to eat human flesh and especially human brains!!! Here is a great zombie game for you! Let`s see what you need to do here in order to eliminate the zombies?!?

Game Walkthrough: It seems that your village has been infested by zombies…oh no!!!...What a disaster…that`s what you get for testing biological weapons, you freaking idiots! And just like an idiot, you have holed yourself up in the middle of the forest in some unsteady old wooden shack. You now have to protect yourself. If you succeed somehow to keep away from your brains being feasted on for the duration of the night a team will come in upon sunrise and sell you supplies. If you are asking where you get the money, you should know that the government gives it out for busting a cap in some zombie domes! Come on buddy! You have a tough task and you must defend yourself from the zombies using bricks, guns, flamethrowers and some other stuff offered there. In this game you must defend your shack against hordes of the undead and try to stay alive! If you save civilians you will get extra bonuses…like money, power ups and ammo! You should be very careful and you must react as fast as possible! Those undead creepy creatures are emerging from all sides of the game screen so you must be ready in any moment and use the right weapon! Well, try to take a look at all possibilities and things you have to operate with and when you are ready, start the game! You have a very serious task my friend! Defend yourself boldly and kill all those creepy creatures!

Game Instructions: In this zombie game you need to use your mouse and move your character around the space. You should also click with the left mouse button at your target and kill it! Other keys that you need to use in this game are the arrow keys from your keyboard and they are used for playing so you need to use the left and right arrow keys to change weapon; the down arrow key to change power up; the up arrow key to use the power up, and click to fire current weapon. If you run out of ammo, you can reload your ammunition in the following way: you should drag the crosshair over the guy on the roof and wait for him to reload! Ok, so if everything is clear about the controls and the way you should react, you better start right away my friend and put an end of the zombie horde!!!

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