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Title: Zombie War

Description: The red alert is on. The war has started. There were some rumors that some areas are infected and that many people are transformed into zombies. Not again! Some years ago you had a similar case, but you easily find the way out of it. You have eliminated the threat in a few days. But, it seems that this is something else. Something is telling you that this would not be so easy. The reports are confirming that and now you know that there are 7 different points where you can expect heavy attack. They are attacking whole areas and killing innocent men and women. You are on your position in the army base and you are chosen to fight against the hordes of zombies and protect everyone from the impending danger. The war is on and you are given the special task as a Commander of one of the top zombie fighting units in the military. You will have to recruit units to help fight the undead armies that now threaten the very existence of mankind. The longer you defend the line, the bigger are the chances to receive some enforcement in men and weaponry.

Game walkthrough: There are seven levels of this game, and every level is a different mission that will take you to the next. At the beginning of each level you are given a certain number of zombies that you should kill to proceed in the next level. Take the control over your soldiers using your mouse and then use team to destroy the zombies. Don't forget to use the engineer to build walls and drop mines once you have those upgrades. Try to take control of your base commander's gun that is positioned at the left edge of the level using your mouse or your keyboard. It is a position that will give you good view of the flow of the zombies. But they are coming in big groups and they are approaching you one by one. That is the only way to protect the base, and that is the most important thing for you at the moment. If you let the base to be destroyed the game will be over for you. You will have a chance to earn some money by killing zombies. So, use the money to upgrade your soldiers, the base and the commander's gun. Try to defend the line as long as you can, and you will receive more money you can use to transport more troops in to help fight off the zombies.

Game Instructions: The waging of the war can be conducted by the use of the mouse or the keyboard. Scroll the screen by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. To adjust the angle and position of the commander's machinegun you should use your mouse to click on the up and down arrows on the screen. You should follow the same procedure to fire. Just click the button on the screen. That is the way through which you will gain more control over the situation. Click on a soldier or just click and drag the selection box around a group of soldiers to control more than one. There will be some situations where you will need a group of people to conduct your order. Move the soldiers on a specific point on the ground, by clicking the left mouse button on the ground, once you have one or more soldiers selected for the task.

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