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Title: Zombie-Dressup

Description: Yes we may talk about zombie fashion but in a sense how to zombie look like, but if we thing about designing clothes for zombies, that would definitely be a blind spot. Designing clothes for beautiful people with intention to make them even more beautiful is quite a challenge, but designing clothes for rotting zombies, when you know that there is not a single chance to make them beautiful, is really, really desperate. It’s something like previously lost battle. They actually wear the clothes they wore when they were infected, usually depicted as ripped, torn, and covered in blood. That means there’s nothing that can be done to make zombies more beautiful…

Game walkthrough: Ha-ha, this would be one really interesting job to do! You usually kill zombies but in this case you will be their fashion guru! You will take care of their outfit and their clothes and make them look beautiful, if that’s possible when you are about zombies, or at least to look nice. You see your zombie friend in the game; she is actually a girl that is waiting for her makeover. All the clothes, accessories and even makeup-s are given there in the game and you should find the ones that will look nicer on her. She may get dress like a mummy, like Dracula’s girlfriend or choose some more casual look like Hawaiian dress, some more glamorous dress, something more girlish. The same goes for the other elements. You may choose to be bold, with some strange hat or something or simply choose a long blond hair. Find a proper nose and continue with the mouth. Again you can select between Dracula’s teeth or a nice mouth wearing lipstick. If you add a human like color of the skin, no one could recognize that we are talking about a zombie but if you like you could make her look even stranger then a zombie. Just play with the options and don’t stick to one variant, try as many as you like. And if you are in luck of inspiration, use some hint and you will see all the suggested combinations but that doesn’t mean that they are the right ones and the best ones.

Game instructions: We know that you posses all the creativity that is needed for playing this game and that’s awesome because that is all that you should have to play this great game. The instructions are really simple so you won’t bother yourself with that at all. The girl is positioned on the right side of the picture while on the left side there are small icons that refer to some part of the outfit. You should use the mouse to play and by clicking with the left mouse button on the icons, you will be able to see all the options that can be used in the game. With clicking on the icon with question mark you get some help and you can see all the suggested combinations. Have fun beatifying this zombie girl!

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Added: 6 April 2012
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