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Title: Witches Brew game

Description: Do you believe in witches? Do you think they really existed in those ancient times? Well, some people believe that there are witches even today! Witchcraft is actually the supposed use of paranormal or miraculous powers. A witch is a person who is making or practicing the witchcraft. In times gone by, it was broadly believed that in the early hours of modern Christian Europe, witches were in union with the Devil and used their powers to hurt people and their possessions. Since the middle of the 20th century, there was a division between bad and good witchcraft, and the good witchcraft often referred to healing. The idea of witchcraft as damaging and destructing power is usually conceived as a cultural viewpoint. This means that people have a need to blame some supernatural powers for their misfortune. We seldom think that what is happening to us is our own project. Those beliefs in witches, and consequential witch-hunts, are both present in a lot of cultures and traditions throughout the world, today by and large in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in the past particularly in Early Modern Europe of the 14th to 18th century, where witchcraft was seen as a great conspiracy against Christianity. You have probably watched a lot of movies depicting those witch-hunts and executions of those women who were accused of witchcraft, especially in Germanic Europe. You know in those ancient times, especially during the middle ages, even women who made different remedies from herbs and other things, were considered witches. Well, however…it sound really mystical, doesn`t it?

Game Walkthrough: Well, my friends…have you ever wondered how it is to be a witch? Now you will have a chance to experience some of those weird witch`s rituals and practices. You will have a chance to cast a spell by dropping all the ingredients listed in your spell book into the cauldron. You should first point in the spell book in-game to view those ingredients, while some of the items, as for example spiders and worms can be dropped straight into the pot. Other items are a little trickier and require some swift hand movements or slight adjustments. Here is a tip for you: The arrows above the cauldron indicate the hand motion required to extract an ingredient. In this game you can select the level. There is the easy, medium and hard one. So if you play this game for the first time, you better start with the easy one….but it`s your choice anyway! So, whatever you decide, you just have to click on the easy, medium or hard, and then click on the decorative arrow beneath them to continue i.e. to enter the level you have chosen. When you are ready, you should also click the arrow to begin. In the medium or hard level you will have to put more ingredients and that`s basically the difference.

Game instructions: This game is very simple to play actually. You only need to use your mouse and that`s it. Just follow the instructions in the spell book and click on the right items with the left click mouse button. After that, drop them into the cauldron. Well, I hope you`ll spend an interesting time making this spell!!!

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