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Title: The Adventures of Marty

Description: No one has said that has actually met one, but zombies are attacking us every day! No, don’t go there to lock all your doors and windows, we mean about the medias. Every single day you can read about tactics for taking care of zombies, about the fact that zombie apocalypse could actually happen, about zombie dances, zombie days and who knows how many more things that we haven’t met! What is one of the basic things for describing a zombie? That he is lazy, slow and not so smart, so what we are concerned about?? We exercise every second day, read so many books and articles, that will be one perfect opportunity to show who is the dominant race! We accept the challenge!

Game walkthrough: Did it happen sometimes to play Super Mario games and to feel that this is all so easy because there is no any real danger in the game? Well if you ever thought, this is your chance to go through a similar adventure with that difference that here is everything really scary and terrifying, starting from the surroundings to your creepy opponents. In this game you don’t have Mario, but you have Marty. He is one strong guy on his mission to kill all zombies that come on his way. On his mission he passes one strange route, he travels at night, surrounded with graves and numerous chasms on his way. Your task in this game will be to pass all levels and take care of the ugly zombies that appear on your way. You are playing with Marty, so use all your strength to beat those creatures to death, make all the right jumps to avoid falling down in the chasm and collect gold and silver coins, to increase your score. Know that when you come upon a zombie, you need to act really fast because he may attack you insidiously and that will cause you a life. in the game you have three lives, which is more than in your real life, but it may be not enough for the game. You better use those loves properly if you like to have a higher score, but also know that you may always restart the game and start it all over, knowing your weak spots perfectly.

Game Instructions: There will be a lot of running, a lot of jumping and a lot of fighting in this game, so be prepared to give your best, in order to gain the highest score. To move through this terrible surroundings, you will use the Left and Right arrow keys, accordingly. To jump, you will using the Up arrow key, and know that sometimes you will have to take a swing before you jump, and that can be done if you press the Up key while running (holding the Right arrow key). And the last needed thing is keeping yourself protected. Once you come upon a zombie on your way, don’t save yourself, but beat him to death, by using the Space bar. And also remember that you should act fast, in the first moment when you see him, because he may easily cost you one life. Now show them who is the boss!

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