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Title: Devil Kisses

Description: There was a time when all the living beings lived in Heavens in peace and harmony. But there also were those that in one moment rebelled against God, led by Satan who was not satisfied with that position and wanted to gain total control. Bud God was furious and opposed them in a fight that finished with the final victory of Good over evil. So, God expelled the rebelling angels, and they gradually lost their glorious whiteness and become the Black angels, the fallen ones. They are the ones that we usually call by the name of the Devil. They are all the children of Satan, the forces of darkness. Of course, there were some among them that were sorry about they deeds and wanted to return back. The God is merciful and certainly will accept the sincere regrets. Once a beautiful angel, one of the devil girls lost her attractiveness and now she looks very scary and ugly. She desperately tries to regain her position as one of the most beloved and favorite beings in Heavens. But there was one condition: she is given a chance to use the powers to transform into a guy that will be so nice and caring that will convince the beautiful girl that he loves her. You are here to help her go through the special assignment that will let her get back in Heavens where she belongs. It will be nice to have a friend among the Heavenly being in the Court of God himself. So, this is not a chance to be missed.

Game Walkthrough: To retain her beauty, she transforms herself into a guy for specific time duration to kiss the cute girls. Make the guy to kiss the cute girls before he revert to original appearance. Remember! If an angel is passing by while the guy kisses the girl, you will lose a life and if other stares while they kiss, the kiss loader will get stopped. Fill the kiss loader with the sweet kisses before the given time ends. There is not much time to do that, so it won't be easy. That's why you are here. Now your role is to watch out if someone is approaching. It is very important to act fast and to give some signs to the kissing couple. They must stop immediately when someone is watching. But, the girl should not know what is happening. Keep that in secret. Because if she finds out that the guy is not one of her dreams and leave, the spell will be still at work. And our poor devil girl would not be able to broke the spell and get back near God Almighty.

Game Instructions: To play this game you should use your mouse. Just click the left mouse button and hold fro a long kiss. To make a pause from the game, press the P key on the keyboard. To mute the sound, press the M key. Start this special assignment right now!

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Added: 25 March 2012
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