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Title: Night of 1000 Zombies

Description: Oh, it is October 31, the Day of the Dead! Oh, yeah…it is All Hallows’ Eve…Halloween!!! What do you know about this day? It is actually a yearly holiday observed around the world, the night before All Saints' Day. Much like Day of the Dead celebrations, the Christian feast of All Hallows' Eve, according to some scholars, includes rituals from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead, particularly the Celtic Samhain. Some other scholars claim that the festival originated completely separately of Samhain. Do you know what the typical festive Halloween activities are? Oh you probably know that the Pumpkin is an essential part of this day! Yeah, a Pumpkin! There are also many games and activities like for example trick-or-treating, which is also known as 'guising', attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, watching horror films, as well as the religious observances of praying, fasting and attending vigils or church services.

Game Walkthrough: Day of the Dead…Night of the 1000 Zombies!!! It sounds scary, ha? But, don`t worry! Unlike most of the zombie games, here you will have real fun! Your task in this game is to throw Pumpkins at the zombies and kill them! Sounds funny doesn`t it? Ok, now it`s time for the annual zombie pumpkin fight. You are going to play lantern jack and your goal is to defeat the marauding horde of 1000 zombies! You should try to keep your eyes open for the special pumpkin powers as they roll by! You should hit them to get special abilities! This game is so much fun! It`s reminds of a sports event! You are divided in two partitions, so at the right side of the game screen there are the countless zombies and on the opposite side are you! You hit each other with pumpkins. You have a pumpkin head and you actually release your pumpkin head to hit the evil zombies! But it`s not just you who throws pumpkins….they are throwing pumpkins towards you too, so you must be very ,very careful and you must avoid those hits, because you will lose health. By the way, you can see your health bar at the upper left part of the game screen; the score at the upper middle area; and if you the sound makes you annoyed, you can turn it off at the right upper corner! Well, buddy…you have the hell of a job to do! So come on…1000 of creepy zombies are waiting for you!!!

Game Instructions: You should hold the mouse key down to increase pumpkin power; let the button go to throw the pumpkin. If you just click on the left mouse button, the pumpkin power will be to low and it won`t be able to hit the zombies behind the barrier! So be careful and use these instructions carefully! You can also move your character throughout his limited space with the mouse. Well, that is basically it! Come on Pumpkin-head! You can beat those zombies!

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Added: 23 March 2012
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