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Title: Squirt Man

Description: There are many dangers that can easily take us under ground for good. This civilization can not understand that technology and politics as we have it today cannot solve our problems as human beings. The people in charge of the planet don't give a damn about the basic needs of ordinary man and are constantly provoking conflicts that one day might end terribly. The constant fear of disaster that was provoked by humans is something that is part of our daily life. Well, that day has come. Some small conflicts step by step, became larger ones and the opposed sides started a nuclear war. That war devastated our planet that was once so beautiful. But, no one listened what you said and they do not accepted your warnings. Now when the world as we once knew has gone to hell, and all life-forms gone under terrible mutation and they became nasty creatures. You are also one of them, but there is a big difference between you and them, you are a funny little guy with special equipment that is consisted of a big gun and a funky slime powered jet pack unit! So, this time it is not a battle for saving the world. The world is gone. This is a battle for survival and there is nothing you can stick to. You should only do your best to find food, to destroy more enemies and to stay alive as long as you can. Are you ready for this new challenge? If you are already acquainted with the hundreds of different stories about zombies, and you are never enough of them, then you are on the right place in the right moment. We suggest not to waste a second and to start immediately.

Game walkthrough: This game offers three levels of difficulty; and a variety of different weapons you can use to take out your enemies. It is best to try out a few different weapons and see what works best for you. Killing more enemies with any given weapon will give you more experience each time you use that weapon, so find something you like, stick with it for a while and get a few kills with it, then try the next weapon. This allows you to build up experience for each of the weapon types which is definitely beneficial. Also be sure to keep your eye out of bonuses after you kill enemies. These bonuses will make it much easier for you to get through the game.

Game Instructions: Use both the keyboard and your mouse to play this game. To move left, use the A key and to move right, use the D key. Moving up and down you can perform using the W and S key, respectively. One of the important features of your equipment are the side rockets. You can activate them by double clicking the left mouse button and holding the keys A and D. There is a wide variety of weapons so you can change them using the Q and E keys on the keyboard. Aim your weapon with the mouse and fire by clicking the left mouse button. Because the game is a little challenging, it is recommended to start out on easy until you get used to the controls. Once you have a feel for navigating through the game, move to the more difficult modes, and you will enjoy blowing some mutants.

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