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Title: Bloody Monster Pack

Description: Have you ever thought how it might be if the sun stops coming up and shinning? We know how difficult it is to live when there is some problem and we don’t have electricity for a while, but imagine how terrible will be to live in eternal night? Similar topic is what if the sun ‘burns out’? The consequences might be similar… The Sun glows because it is a very big ball of gas, and a process called nuclear fusion is taking place in its core. This happens when one proton smashes into another proton so hard that they stick together...and release some energy as well. This energy then heats up the other materials nearby so the heating in the end grows out from the center of the star to the outside, finally leaving the surface and radiating out into space to be the heat and light. Scientists say that just like any fire on Earth, the sun can't go on burning forever. When all of the hydrogen has been fused into Helium, the sun will change somewhat and start to fuse the helium nuclei. This does not release as much energy as the fusion of hydrogen, however. This will continue through other elements until the only thing left is gaseous iron, and the sun eventually dies…. This sounded as something that you should be scared of? Well don't worry about that, though, our sun has another good 5 billion years left before it dies!

Game walkthrough: It seems that it’s eternal night since those terrible little monsters came in this place. They terrify the whole land and make all kinds of nasty things so it’s up to you to free the place and help the sun comes up. There are many levels and in each level you should take care of the creatures that are placed on different places. You have your cannon and that is the weapon from which you’ll launch explosive bombs. This is a type of a puzzle game and it will be better if you manage to kill more monsters with one shoot. That’s how you’ll get more points, but a condition to pass the level is only to destroy them all so the sun may come up again. If you shoot without a purpose and a vision for the final point of destruction, you won’t make anything, so it better to thing a while before you star, so you can cause a bigger damage, with minimum number of moves. And don’t be afraid of all those creatures. They may look terrifying but they are not untouchable, you just need a good strategy and they are all dead!

Game Instructions: Let’s hope that the sun will come up more often…! But it depends from you if that will happen. You have your cannon and your job is to kill all those terrible creatures. You will play using the mouse and the game – play is based on aiming by moving the mouse cursor and shooting explosive bombs by pressing the left mouse button. To increase the power of your shot, move the cursor further away from the cannon. The instructions are quite simple but the hard part is finding out a certain strategy that will cause an effect. P.S. and don’t let them scary you when they turn into a bat, after you’ve killed them; those bats can’t do you any harm.

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