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Title: Zombie Truck

Description: When talking about zombies, we usually mention either movies or computer games, and quite often in literature. As we all know, zombies are corpses that have been brought back to life by some mythical means, such as the witchcraft. Because of this fact, they are used to represent horror and fear. In many countries, especially in the USA, there have been organized events, called zombie walks, where people dress up as zombies and walk in that manner throughout the city streets and shopping malls. In movies and books, zombies are usually depicted as mindless creatures, aimlessly walking and feeding on human flesh, so it is this that the people in this kind of event do. The first walk like this took part many years ago, in 2001, and the intention of it was to promote an annual midnight festival. Zombie masks are also quite regular at the Halloween costume parties.

Game walkthrough: In this game, you are going to find yourself hungry and thirsty, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near the Mexican border. You and your partner will decide to look for some food nearby and enter some small pub. But, what you do not know and are about to find out, that instead if finding food for you two, you are going to become someone else’s food. That’s right! Unknowingly, you have entered a bar full of zombies. To escape, you and your fiend are going to hop in your truck and shoot the zombies so that they do not catch up. You can also hit them with your truck so that you kill them faster. Also, you will have to watch out for the birds, as they might kill you also. The objective is to kill all the zombies before they kill you, and do all this in the given amount of time. If you fail, you start over. And with each killed zombie, you earn points and money, which you can see at the end of each level. With that money you can visit the shop and buy some new weapons or repair the truck.

Game instructions: For this game, you will need to use both your mouse and your keyboard. Your mouse will represent your weapon. Move it around the game screen to aim and then use the left mouse button to shoot. The good thing about this game is that your ammo is not limited. The controls on your keyboard and more precisely, the left and right arrow keys, are for the control of your truck. Use the right arrow key to make the truck go faster, or the left arrow key to slow it down. But if you find the pace at which the truck is going quite enough for you to be able to shoot the zombies, you do not need to press any button. However, you can use the truck to kill zombies as well, not only the gun, so you might want to use the arrow keys. After each level, you will get to visit the shop and make your purchase. Good luck and do not let the zombies kill you or your friend, remember, you are a team and you must stick together!

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