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Title: Infectonator

Description: Spreading an infection is a serious and very dangerous thing! It can affect many people in a short amount of time! There are so many different infections that are spread in many ways! For some of them there are certain medications, so they can be cured, but there are also some infections that are not curable! At least for now! We hope that scientists will find cure for them too! But have you ever heard about an infection that turns people into zombies? Oh yeah, the zombie population has started to decrease, and the reason for this was the great number of zombie games, where the main goal of the games was to kill as many zombies as possible! So as a result of this many zombies were killed! The zombie population is threatened with extinction!!! So the leader of the zombies started to worry and he knew that something has to be done!!! He had hired Infectonator to find a way how to turn people into zombies and this way to save the zombies from extinction!

Game Walkthrough: Well, let`s start the game and see what is it all about!?! Ok, are you ready for your mission? In this game you will have to play the Infectonator and your task will be to collect coins and upgrade your virus as you try to infect the target number of people in each level. Do you think you are capable to turn the entire population into zombies in just 60 seconds? Well, probably this is a short time to do that, but give it a try! You know how fast the infection is spread, right? This is a zombie infections' madness, so go there and turn people into zombies, upgrade your zombies to more powerful ones, get the highest score by destroying and infecting the town. Sounds cruel ha?...Well, yeah..But this is just a game. So go there and try to infect as many people as you can! You`ll see…it`s going to be very funny! People running around like crazy! Oh, hilarious! You should react really, really fast, because those people i.e. your targets are also moving around very fast. Be as precise as possible and keep clicking with your finger on the left mouse button all the time! No mercy! Click, click and click!!! You can see how many attempts you made and what the number of infected people is at the bottom of the game screen! So come on, start right away! You must not disappoint the zombie leader! He is very dangerous! You must fulfill your mission!!! No more time to waste!

Game Instructions: Well, now a few words about the controls... So, Infectonator…you only need your mouse to spread the infection amongst the people. So click with the left mouse button on the walking people and turn them into zombies! So, let`s start with your infectious mission and have a lot of fun!

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Added: 18 February 2012
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