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Title: Pothead Zombies

Description: Bud, chronic, dagga, dank, dope, doobage, draw, dro, electric puha, ganja, grass, green, hash, hay, herb, indo, kind, leaf, Mary Jane, nugget, pot, reefer, sensi, skunk, sticky-icky-icky, tea, tree, wacky tobacky, weed….and many other slang word are used for marijuana, usually smoked in a pipe or as a cigarette. And what can be say about the marijuana, stay away from that garbage friends! There are some years in life, for most people that is the teenage period, when the person likes to experiment with some things that are not good for human’s heath. Most of the times the teenagers are the ones who like to prove themselves that once and a while they can enjoy some forbidden ‘fruit’ and stay normal but there are numerous examples that the things may easily go out of control.

There is a long list of the negative effects that marijuana causes. Let’s start with the lungs. Someone who smokes marijuana regularly may have many of the same respiratory problems that tobacco smokers have, like daily cough and phlegm, symptoms of chronic bronchitis, and more frequent chest colds. The amount of tar inhaled by marijuana smokers and the level of carbon monoxide absorbed are three to five times greater than among tobacco smokers. It also influences on the brain - the process of learning, the memory and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivations. The person becomes slow and disinterested about anything. When it comes about the social behavior, people who use marijuana have lower achievement than the non-users. They more often show deviant behavior, more delinquent behavior and aggression, greater rebelliousness, poorer relationships with parents, and more associations with delinquent and drug-using friends and all these things are something that is better to be avoided in life, right friends?

Game walkthrough: We taught you some usual things but we are sure that you are not using this evil substance, but that doesn’t apply for those hippy zombies! All the zombies that can be seen in this game smoke pot and behave really, really aggressive! In your fortress smoking evil pot is not allowed and also zombies are not allowed. Well think a little, what can be worse that an invasion of zombies that are high? Terrible think to see! That’s why you and your friend have decided to get rid from all of them. Choose who you are going to play with – Zanardi or Liza and start killing then and earn money. They come in waves and after a wave is finished you may upgrade your weapons buying a great weapon, stronger that the previous one. More money you have, more powerful weapon you’ll get, have that in mind!

Game instructions: You two are standing over the building and waiting the intruders to come. To kill them you will use the mouse, aim with the cursor and shoot using the left mouse button. Did we forget to tell you that Zanardi and Liza have a small baby that has to sleep? Do want you can to help them defend the fortress and the baby as well!

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