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Title: Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare

Description: A nightmare is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the mind, typically fear or horror, but also despair, anxiety and great sadness. The dream may contain situations of danger, discomfort, psychological or physical terror. Sufferers usually awaken in a state of distress and may be unable to return to sleep for a prolonged period of time. Nightmares can have physical causes such as sleeping in an uncomfortable or awkward position, having a fever, or psychological causes such as stress and anxiety. Eating before going to sleep, which triggers an increase in the body's metabolism and brain activity, is a potential stimulus for nightmares. Recurrent nightmares that can interfere with sleeping patterns and cause insomnia may require medical help.

Game walkthrough: In this game, you will be facing the ultimate nightmare – The Christmas Nightmare. So, it is only logical that this game involves Santa clauses, elf and other Christmas characters, but we must also not forget that it is a nightmare. So, from that side, we have the zombies, devils, vampires, werewolves, and other enemies. You are on the side of the good ones, and your goal is to kill as many baddies as you can and as quickly as possible. With this you get more scores and this will enable you to upgrade your weapons. There are many different tactics on the way to kill different enemies, but I will leave this up to you to discover and decide what’s best. Move around the battlefield, but try to keep your distance from the enemies and shoot them from far away, so that they have a smaller chance to kill you.

Game instructions: There are quite a few instructions for this game. First of all, your mouse is your most valuable object. You use it to look around by moving it, to shoot by clicking on the left mouse button, and to scroll your weapons with the wheel on the mouse. Also, before you start playing this game, you will need to choose the battlefield and the character you are going to play with. You do this by clicking on the chosen ones, again, with your left mouse button. To move your character around the battlefield, use the ASWD keys on your keyboard. This is about it regarding the game instructions. The time is shown on the top right corner of your screen and right above it you can check the kill count. On the bottom of your game screen you can check out and choose from the different types of weapons you have got on display. Have fun and save Christmas from this nightmare!

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