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Title: Nuclear zombie 2000

Description: Before the year 2000 there were many different predictions about the future. There were many prophecies and foretelling that the beginning of the new millennium will actually signify the end of our existence! Many people believed in these theories and were frightened to death, but it turned out that none of them was right! After more than 10 years we are still here! So, this game actually refers to those predictions that were claiming that at the end of 1999 AD, a powerful informatics bug would bring our civilization at the edge of extinction. The most apocalyptic predictions ever! Yeah…plane will fall from the sky; computer will become self-aware and will try to exterminate their creator. Everything will be mixed up and chaotic, until the total collapsing! Nuclear power-plant will explode, zombies will arise from their graves, death and destruction will result. That bug was known as the Y2K bug. So let`s take a look what is this story all about and what is your mission here?!?

Game Walkthrough: So, the story of this game takes place at Crimson Fall Nuclear Power plant (1st January, 2000). As the prophesy foretold, the reactor was ready to explode, so the dead started to rise from their graves. The people were unprepared because they took the predictions for granted! But the main character in this game was ready to survive! You are going to play this role, a role of a brave and determined man who wants to fight against this catastrophe! Nuclear Zombie 2000 is a retro display place zombie shooter game. So, your task is to kill zombies and mutant bugs as you try to shut down the nuclear power plant before the time runs out. You have three health bars, shown at the left upper part of the game screen. Be careful, because if you lose all of your health bars, you will breathe your last breath, and all hope for humanity will be lost! So don`t let this happen! Many lives are in your hands! In addition to completing the game, you can get various achievements. Finding out all of the achievements won't save the planet, but it will give you a kind of accomplishment. Remember that in this game there is a time limitation, so react fast as you can! You can see the time at the upper right corner of the game screen! So if you don`t fulfill your mission for the given time duration…be ready to hear…Kaboooooooom! And the Central will no longer exist!

Game Instructions:

To play this game you should use the arrow keys to move around the space; L or Z jump; Spacebar/P to make a pause; The down arrow key + jump - to get down; K or X to shoot! Well, yeah, there are many keys that you should use, and sometimes you should use two keys for one move, but you`ll get used to it after a while! So come on! Give your best and save the humanity…save the world!!!

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