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Title: Zombocalypsis

Description: We can’t be sure that a zombie apocalypse could happen but for now it is only a particular scenario that takes part in the apocalyptic literature and it refers to a widespread rise of zombies that act harsh to human life forms and takes on in a general assault on civilization. There are many different things that may follow a zombie apocalypse - victims of zombies may become zombies themselves in case they are bitten by zombies or in case a zombie-creating virus travels by air. It could be transferred even sexually or by water… Some others scenarios say that everyone who dies, not depending from the cause, becomes one of the undead or it may happen parasitic organisms to cause zombification by killing their hosts and reanimating their corpses. We have seen in the movies, the next thing that happens is an exponentially growing crisis. That’s when activate law enforcement organizations, the military as well as health care services that lead the panicked civil society and it usually happens an isolated pockets of survivors to remain. Most of the times they are people with a certain characteristic that makes them different form the others so they get the duty to save the humankind.

Game Walkthrough: In this great zombie game you are taking part in one dangerous survival show. You will use a car in your mission and first you should do is to pick out between two available cars: Blood Angel and Military Van. Old Zeetle may open after you pass some levels. This car will be your weapon for killing terrible zombies. A Zombie apocalypse has happened and there is nothing left except those ugly creatures so in order to save the planet you’ll have to kill them all. Drive carefully, avoid crashing but be heartless about them, if you don’t overwhelm them, they will surround you and who knows what next they might do…maybe eat you?! After you’ve finished successfully one day with the zombies, you may get power ups and weapons to upgrade your car. At the same time don’t forget to get some fuel when you see that you don’t have much. At the bottom of the screen you have a map that shows you where do you move and which are the sides form where zombies could be expected. There is also a speed meter and a parameter that shows you how much fuel you have. So that’s it, now learn how to drive!

Game Instructions: As we said, the first step is to select your preferred car. The both cars are excellent, you may not make a mistake, everything depends from your taste. For moving you will use the arrow keys or you may use the W, A, S, D keys, as you wish. For handbrake you’ll have to press the space bar or ctrl key. Move around, smash zombies and don’t let them invade your car because that way you are finished. Follow the map to be prepared and don’t let them surprise you. The game is divided in days, not levels but that doesn’t have any importance for the game play. Now go there and see how you can handle this zombie situation!

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