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Title: Infectonator - World Dominator

Description: Human’s wish for world domination existed since always! Probably we are the most selfish creatures on the planet because it seems that animals for example are capable to live in a harmony, into the borders that the nature has given them, but for us, the humans, it seems that only the sky is the limit (while the sky in fact belongs to the birds…). The world remembers Alexander the Great, the great warrior and conqueror who possibly regarded as the greatest ever military commander. He led his army from Greece through Turkey to what is now Iran, Persia, through to what is now Pakistan, parts of India & Afghanistan.....Notable victories include Guagmela, the Hydaspes, the Granicus & Issus. Egypt, Persia, Asia Minor, Syria, & what are now parts of Pakistan, India & Afghanistan. On other hand here is Genghis Khan as well. He managed to stretch the Mongol Empire across most of Eurasia, conquering all of modern-day China and Mongolia, as well as substantial portions of modern Russia, southern Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In this list should be added Julius Caesar who conquered what the Romans called Gaul. This included almost whole modern France, Belgium, and Switzerland, the west bank of the River Rhine that is now in modern Germany., then he campaigned across the Rhine, into what was then called Germania, and twice conducted expeditions to Britain. An of course, the great dictator, Adolf Hitler who directly conquered: Poland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, and Crimea. Allied to Germany but under her control were Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Game Walkthrough:And if those great dictators and conquerors conquered the world via numerous wars in the following game the world should be rules on a different way, a way that is equally weird… You can dominate the world by infecting innocent people and turning them into terrible zombies. You’ll have to spread the poison all around so the people will get infected. On other hand a bomb can be also used for killing people and zombies instantly. You will try to dominate the world by infecting continent by continent. You may think that you have killed and infected enough persons but know that there is a certain number that has to be fulfilled to go on to the next lever, or the next continent to be unlocked. It would be nice if you manage to get the wanted number in one try, but if you don’t success that, come back again in that point and try as many times as you need to get the needed score, till you won’t conquer the whole world.

Game Instructions:You’ll have to click somewhere near the humans that are passing by, to infect them and turn them into ugly zombies. To use some extra artillery like bombs and grenades, click the icon that represents them. While you take care of all the creatures around you, don’t forget to collect coins. They will give you some extra cash to buy yourself new weapons. From time to time click to the icons that are lined down of the screen to track your progress in the game.

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Added: 5 February 2012
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