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Title: Zombie Train

Description: The main premise behind this game is the following one: you are a passenger in a zombie infested subway tunnel and you have to find a way to deal with the zombies. Do you think this is too much easy task for you? I cannot say that. You will have to shoot all the zombies, before they get you. They will try everything just to get you. They will make an attempt to enter into the train by breaking the windows. If they manage to break the windows, your life is definitely in danger. At that moment you are left on yourself. But, don’t panic. Use the weapon that you have at the moment and shoot the zombies in their heads. The great thing about this game is that features three different types of weapons that you can buy from the shop. The first weapon that you will have at the very beginning of the game is the pistol. With this weapon you’ll have unlimited ammunition. But, the negative aspect of this weapon is that you can shoot only small number of zombies. The second weapon that is available in the shop is the Uzi. This is a weak weapon, but it’s great for dealing with a large number of zombies. Finally, the third weapon that you can buy is the shotgun. This is definitely a great weapon for dealing with close-packed zombies. I would advise you to save money in order to buy this weapon. It’s really expensive one, but it’s worth it.

Game Instructions: As I mentioned before, you are a passenger in subway tunnel. In order to move, try to use WASD keys from your keyboard. If you want to switch weapon, you can use Q or E key from the keyboard, or you can use 1-3 key numbers. In case you need to reload the weapon, press R key. The F key is for repairing your barricades. Shoot the zombies using the left mouse click. Just be quick. Don’t let them get you! Aim with the mouse and shoot them. If you are hurt, press H to heal.

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Added: 3 February 2012
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