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Title: Zomblast

Description: Are you afraid of zombies? Do you actually believe in zombies, in that undead creepy creatures or you are skeptical about the whole thing about them? Well, yeah, some people really believe that they exist, and even claim that they have seen them…but, never mind…I hope you belong to the majority, who actually don`t believe in such stories, and exactly that`s the point, there are only scary stories about the undead…or not? What do you think?...Hmmm…who knows actually! Maybe they really exist! Ok, whatever your opinion about zombies is, I guess they are just freaking you out and you want them to get lost! Well, buddy, since you have opened this site and started the game, I guess that you are just one of those zombie games funs! So…here is a chance for you to exterminate these creatures. Because, as you know they are very, very fond of eating human flash, and especially human brain! Oh, no…you must keep your brain in your head…and also save the brains of many other people!

Game Walkthrough: So, come on! There is no time to wait! You are the exterminator! You must execute all the zombies! Although they protest and want the violence against zombies to be stopped and they bag you not to play this zombie game and to stop killing them, because they have the right to exist! Oh, but don`t you think it`s nonsense to let them walk freely among people and eat them! No, you can`t let this happen! Many others like you, in different countries are fighting against them! But, never mind, let them protest…What has to be done, has to be done! The goal in this Zomblast is to kill all the zombies that show up on your game screen, and you can achieve that with a chain reaction of explosions. Oh, it awesome. But, you know what? ...You have the hell of a job here my friend…yeah, 35 levels are waiting you! Ok, let`s start with the first one…you will have to drag and drop a grenade, and explode it…zombie can be killed only by the silver frag (in case you don`t know the word frag, it is a computer and video game term derived from the word fragging, meaning to kill a hated superior executive with a fragmentation grenade). You will see the grenades at the lower part of the game screen, so just take it and when you will place it on the zombie, click 'boom'! Sometimes you will need to kill 3 zombies with only 2 grenades, so you should be careful where you place the grenade. But, you will have a chance to meet these zombies, and see that they are kind of cute and not dangerous at all…or they are just pretending?!? Yes, the later is true! So continue with your mission! No doubt anymore!

Game Instructions: Now a few words about the controls! There is nothing much to say…You need your mouse to drag and drop grenades, click 'boom' with the left click mouse button to explode. You should also use the mouse wheel or the arrow keys to rotate the frag direction. Also you can rotate the grenades by dragging the frags with the mouse. That`s basically it! No mercy! Kill all zombies!

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Added: 31 January 2012
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