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Title: Fire The Zombies

Description: Oh my God, zombies! No one knows in which moment he could suffer a zombie attack and become a zombie by himself. People do their everyday activities carelessly when suddenly appears a crowd with walking undead. There is no any weapon around and at instance he gets bitten by a zombie and becomes a part of them! What a terrible thing to suffer but it happens…

Fire the Zombies is excellent zombie shooter. The thing is that your city has been attacked by zombies. You are on the streets and you see weird creatures around you. No one knows who started this first but you see your fellow citizens approaching you and they don’t look quite good as usually. You may notice that they walk too slow, dragging their feet totally loosen and you are sure that nothing is as it should be – they are all zombies! Some of them wear the same costume they wore on last night costume party, some were coming back from school, some from work, when they were bitten by a zombie. What a shocking sight to see!

And now you must defend yourself. You must kill them because they will kill you if you don’t save your head first. Aim well and shoot. The point is to shoot them in the head. This gives you the chance to kill them with only one shot and one bullet and also gives you extra coints. Shooting them in their body asks for using many bullets.

Game Instructions: Being successful in this game means to stay alive longer and kill many zombies. You use the mouse for playing, just aim and shoot. Use the Space bar to reload the weapon. Have fun and save the city!

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Added: 2 October 2011
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