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Title: Call Of The Dead

Description: Perhaps you know some things about zombies, but now it’s time to enlarge your knowledge, since they are so present in our everyday life, as a part of the sub-culture. Did you know that Zombies are from Haiti? There are some Voodoo sorcerers who supposedly are able to revive the dead with magic drinks, powders and incantations. Most modern day Zombies became that way after being bitten by an already infected Zombie.

There are many ways to kill a Zombie. It could be used shotguns, bazookas, banjos, baseball bats, even pianos, hedge clippers, and amusement park mallets. They all work but it’s important to aim with the weapons directly at the head of the embattled Zombie.

It’s good to know these things since the following game is about shooting Zombies. You are a solder and this time you will use regular weapons for killing. It’s good that you have another solder that will keep your back safe, but be extremely careful because he also has a job to kill zombies and sometimes may happened that he can’t defend you at the right time.

Both of you are in a room with halls and you don’t know from which side a Zombies could appear. Keep your eyes open and be prepared on everything. Zombies come in waves and it seems that these waves are endless. Try to survive these waves and earn gold so you could use it for unlocking new perks, getting better attachments and unlocking new characters. The same goes for buying upgrades and unlocking new weapons.

Game instructions: W, A, S, D keys use for moving in the space while you use your mouse for aiming and shooting. F key is for buying weapon; keys 1 and 2 are for choosing weapon and 3 for moving the girl that keeps your back. Use G key from throwing grenade and C key to plant a bomb. Don’t feel sorry for this undead bastards, kill them all because they may kill you first!

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Added: 27 September 2011
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