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Title: Close Quarter Combat

Description: Close Quarter Combat is the name of our game but also it signifies a type of combat that actually exist. CQC or CQB is a type of a battle between small units that take on the enemy with weapons, at very short range. With simple words that would be something similar to hand-to-hand combat or combating with hand weapons for instance swords or knives. In this type of combat attackers perform a very fast, aggressive occupation of a vehicle or structure that has been controlled by the protectors, so they generally could not find a way to withdraw.

This combat asks for a fast assault and a strict use of lethal force what means that the operators must be really professional with their weapons, on one side, but also they must have ability to make split-second choices so as to avoid or control friendly casualties.

In this game you will take part in one Close Quarter Combat. Your team has lost communication with one of their top secret facilities so they are sending you to check what’s going on. They are sending you in a secret lab building without clear briefing, so it can be concluded that something must have gone very wrong inside that building, and you must be prepared for everything.

Game instructions: There are some commands that you should overcome, to play this interesting game. A, S, D and W keys are for moving into the space. You aim with the mouse, using the cursor and you shoot the targets with left click with the mouse. You have the possibility to switch the mode of the machinegun, pressing 1, 2, 3 keys. Spacebar uses for launching grenades and E key for performing some action like pressing switches, picking up items and similar things. Enjoy while you’re doing your job!

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