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Title: Mutant Massacre

Description: The definition of a mutant is a creature or an organism, whose existence resulted from mutation, which is a change in a genomic sequence. It can also be defined as sudden change in the cell. What usually causes this kind of mutations are some viruses, radiation, as well as some errors that may occur during DNA replication.

Game walkthrough: Well, this sure is one scary game. You and your friend, who has been injured, are trapped in a mine that has been abandoned for quite some time now. What you need to do is get out of there and try and save your fellow comrade as well. But this will not be an easy job, since you are attacked by mutants, who are trying to kill both of you. You will need to shoot at them in order to kill them first. This is a game in which you need to show courage and fearlessness, as well as loyalty and friendship.

Game instructions: Your mouse will be your one and only weapon in this game. Move it to aim towards the mutants, and then press the left mouse button to shoot at them. For the most effective kill, aim for their heads. Good luck and I hope you both come out of there alive! Remember, never leave the injured and weak ones on their own, but instead, do everything you can to help them!

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Added: 21 September 2011
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