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Title: Across Zombieland

Description: A truck driver was given a task to deliver some boxes to a place called Three Stones! So, he was driving on the road and he had no idea where this place was! He has never been there before! While he was driving on the highway and stopped to a village near the road, he asked several people to show him the right way and carried on! He saw that there are more than just two directions as he was told! Oh, he became a little nervous, but, anyway he had to find the way to the place! So, he turned left and continued driving! Oh, it was a long, long drive...sign nowhere! Suddenly he noticed that he actually entered some strange place, and it wasn`t the one he was looking for! That`s for sure! Oh, no he came into the Zombieland! ...He never thought it would be this way!

Game Walkthrough: So if you want to see how the Zombieland looks like, start this game! But you know what? This is not going to be just a simple walk through this scary place! Oh, yeah… Your task in this game is to kill all those zombies that are walking in front of you! And there are a bunch of them, everywhere! Well, sure, this is their land, the Zombieland! You came here by chance, but now you will have to kill all those creatures which are neither dead, nor alive! So, c`mon! Don`t wait! You will have to jump over many objects that are on your way!

This game requires good balance and coordination of the movements! So try to drive the truck while smashing the zombies, but be careful! The road is extremely difficult to go through! It may be hard for you at the beginning, but you will manage this!

Game Instructions: Play this game using the keyboard. Actually you will need to use the arrow keys to navigate the truck across the Zombie land! Click 'P' if you want to make a pause! Have fun and good luck!!!

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Added: 16 September 2011
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