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Title: The Torture Game

Description: Hm, different people enjoy different things, we have to accept that. Some people enjoy walking in nature, some love diving deep into the sea, some like dancing, while some people enjoy torturing! Well ok, things in life can’t be always purple so we all feel sometimes like we could kill someone out of nervosa. Maybe out chief that fired us for nothing, or the wicked seller who sold us rotten maters with extra price. If you feel totally pissed off and you like to revenge somehow, but you don’t have any other way, this game will make you feel better.

Game Walkthrough: As the title says, The Torture Game is a game where you could torture one poor guy ruthlessly. Imagine that he is the guy that has made you some harm, and torture him to death. There are several ways of torturing, given in this game, so you may choose the one that looks like the right for you, or combine more of them. You may inflict pain with spikes, razors, chainsaws and more, and of course all these things stay in the game. Actually that’s the good thing about this game – you can remove the negative energy out of yourself, and continue your routines calm. Don’t waste yourself, throw away everything!

Game Instructions: You use your mouse to activate all kinds of torture items. Just click the manner of torturing that you prefer, to select it and turn your guy upside down, using the arrow given on the right side of the scene. Enjoy!

Played: 53,952
Added: 8 January 2010
Rating: 2.75 [Rate]
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EmoZombieKiller18 (7 June 2013):
packman (26 July 2011):
i want to have s e x with megan fox
packman (26 July 2011):
****ing brillant c:
deadpooldeadpool (21 July 2011):
coolgamerboy (3 July 2011):
no heart no bones no bones no  heart u guys agree?
rhys (25 May 2011):
it is not fun  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
billybeff123 (6 April 2011):
Cool  Sad  Happy  Wink  Wave  @  Hmm...  Clap hands
billybeff123 (6 April 2011):
this shyt is sooo ****in cool Clap hands
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