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Title: 13 More Days in Hell

Description: Well let’s define the term hell. It takes part in many different religious conventions and it is generally a place of awful paint and punishment in the life that comes after the death. People earn place in hell by doing lots wicked things in the course of their life and they suffer eternally in proportion to the level of their sins. Some different traditions tell that the hell is in fact an intermediary episode among incarnations. Supposedly people are there till they reincarnate into some new life form. According to most religious traditions, the hell is located under the earth’s surface.

The person that rules the hell is the Devil. He has a control over an army of evil angels, which are usually identified as demons and in cooperation with God, he makes a decision if someone will go to Heaven or to Hell. Does hell seems like a place where you would like to stay for a while? Well of course not!

Game Walkthrough: Since you don’t like to stay in hell for a longer period of time, it would be somehow ok with you because in this game you have only 13 days left from your visit. Since you are here 13 days, you obviously know how terrible it is so do your best in accomplishing the given tasks that will give you your way out.

When you start the game you will face your guide through the hell. He is the person that will give you some duties and you should do your best to free yourself from the lost souls that march around you. This is a type of a first person zombie shooter, so you have to take care of particular number of them, to escape this awful place.

Game Instructions: At the start of the game you may choose how would you set the controls but also there are default settings that propose next things. W, A, S and D keys or the arrow keys will be used for moving through the space. The mouse uses for aiming and firing, and the keys from 1 to 6 are for choosing weapons. Press R or spacebar to reload and X to interact. Press H whenever you wish to use health. Good luck and get out of there, faster you can!

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