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Title: Mummy Tombs

Description: Let`s take a walk through the tombs of Ancient Egypt! You have probably heard about the Egyptian way of mummification of the dead? Well, you are now there, and those mummies started to walk! Oh, scary!!! let`s see whether you can survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death?!?

Game Walkthrough: Oh, here you are! In Egyptians tombs! You should fire at the mummies as they move towards you! Make sure you are not letting them get to close. Mummies can't attack through walls, so you limit how many different ways they can attack you giving you more of a chance to take them all out. You can upgrade your weapons in the local mummy store. Don`t use too many hit points at the store, because you`ll probably die when you leave the store.

Game Instructions: And let`s see what keys you have to use: move left using 'a' or the left arrow key, move right using'd' or the right arrow key, move up using 'w' or the up arrow key, move down using 's' or the down arrow key, fire your weapon using 'space', change weapons using 'x'. Well, it`s your turn now! I hope you`ll have a great time while playing this game!

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Added: 25 August 2011
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