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Title: Stark Raving Ted

Description: It’s always interesting to watch horror or science fiction movies. Strange creatures, dynamic stories … even from the comfort of (for example) our home we still get scared. But when we watch them we always say to ourselves ‘This isn’t real’.

Well what if some day all the things we see on the screen become real? What if we become a hero in a science fiction situation? What if the future of the planet depends on us? What if all of this happens? What if …

Game Walkthrough:Welcome to this horror/science fiction story where you are the main character called Ted. The year is 2012 and the aliens have come to Earth. As suspected they’ve attacked the humankind and turned most of the people into zombies. You are one of the last people standing and you decide to take the job in your hands. What does that mean? You pick up a gun and go on a killing crusade. Along the way you have to face up zombies, aliens and they all want a taste of your blood. Of course you have weapons but a single bullet won’t do the work with these creatures. So as they come up at you, you need to shoot fast and look your enemies straight into the eyes. Don’t get scared. Nevertheless if you die, you can redo your mission all over again and make it better than the last time.

Game Instructions:Put one hand over the computer mouse and the other over the A and D keys on the keyboard. Move the mouse to aim and press the left button to shoot. With the help of the keys A and D you move your character to the left or to the right. Also when you hit the W button Ted will jump over obstacles. Use the S key to crouch and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to select weapons. So don’t be a coward. Stand up and begin your mission!

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