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Title: Mystical Battle

Description: If you look back in history, you will come up with the conclusion that wars in general have been lead for land. But what does land actually means? It’s represents more money, more people, access to the sea, more for example oil, more … well it means more of everything.

But it’s sad because actually you don’t need to look back to find wars motivated by greed and stupid reasons going on. You have them right now, at this moment while you are reading this text. Ordinary people like you and me die because someone wants ‘more and more and more’. Does this sound fair? Of course not and we need to put a stop to that.

Game Walkthrough:The only place where it’s safe for wars and battles to go on is here, in this virtual world. Here you can kill, invade territories, be cruel as much as you can. Why? Because no one will get hurt and everyone will be happy. In ‘Mystical Battle’, you can choose to be a leader of the humans or of the imaginary races of werewolves, zombies or vampires. The mission is to conquer territories and there are actually 27 of them. This game demands time, strategy and dedication out of you. Can you sacrifice that much?

Game Instructions:You will need the computer mouse and the keyboard for this game. Use left and right arrow keys to select units. The up and down keys to move the starting point and the space bar to bring the unit onto the screen. Take a quick look of the instructions before you start and also check out the walkthrough part of the introduction into the game. The rest is up to you!

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Added: 30 June 2011
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