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Title: Letum

Description: Most people doubt that zombies could exist in the actual world. But many people think that they are at least logically possible – that is, that the idea of zombie is internally consistent, and that there is at least a possible world where they exist. This logical possibility is sometimes used to draw strong conclusions about consciousness.

Game walkthrough: Whether you believe in this or you do not, we all know one world where they certainly exist – that is the online gaming world, where everything is possible. And I am sure that you have played an enormous number of zombie games, but try this one as well, I am sure that you will find it quite interesting. What you need to do in this one is to protect yourself first and then protect your town from the zombie attacks. Once again, everything is up to you, so do your best to save your people!

Game instructions: Use the space bar to buy different stuff, the AWSD keys to move around and jump, while the mouse is to aim and the left mouse button to shoot. I think that the instructions are quite easy and straightforward and you will learn them in no time. Now straight to work, you have got a town to save!

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Added: 28 June 2011
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