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Title: Ghost Rider: Demon Duel

Description: Back in 2007 showed up the great action movie, written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, that present us the story about the superhero called Ghost Rider. The movie is based on the character with same name that showed up before in Marvel Comics. Him true name is Johnny Blaze and in general he is a stunt motorcyclist who sells his soul to the Devil and converts into the violent Ghost Rider. This hero, or if we could say anti-hero, was acted by the great Nicolas Cage.

In the time when Johnny Blaze was seventeen years old he had the first meeting with Mephisto. He proposed him a treat for his father who was sick with lung cancer and in exchange for his help, he asked for Johnny's soul. Johnny desperately wants his father to stay alive so he 'signs' the agreement and the following morning Johnny’s father was healed. But how people say, you can’t run from your destiny, so his father died anyway – he was killed that same day in a motorcycle crash. Johnny blamed Mephisto for what has happened but Mephisto considered their agreement satisfied so he tells Johnny that he will come back for him in the future, when he will be ‘needed’. The second pact of Johnny with the dark force, is made to save his girlfriend but this deal is bitter again, the girl isn't saved. That is the moment when Blaze is transformed, gaining strong superpowers…

Game Walkthrough:Do you feel prepared enough to take the role of the famous stunt rider? In the following game you will see yourself in some place underground. It is in all probability a sewer and you’ll be still asking yourself what you are doing there when some strange people will start to approach you. Actually they are bad demons that like to take your life away! You have to be really fast and act in a minute, so you may save yourself. They may eat you in one single bite! You’ll have to utilize your lasso and destroy them before they get near to you and strike you. A great luck is one of the important things that you’ll need in this game!

Game instructions: As we warn you before, you MUST be truly fast if you like to save your head, and we know that you like! These creatures are so wicked, and they may kill you before you become aware of the situation. To destroy them is good to be in a same line with the demon and hit before he has come to you close. The arrow keys will serve you to move, and the space bar will serve you for hitting.

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