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Title: Flaming Zombooka

Description: Bazooka is the common name for a man-portable recoilless rocket antitank weapon, widely fielded by the U.S. Army. Also referred to as the ‘Stovepipe’, the innovative bazooka was amongst the first-generation of rocket propelled anti-tank weapons used in infantry combat. Featuring a solid rocket motor for propulsion, it allowed for high-explosive anti-tank warheads to be delivered against armored vehicles, machine gun nests, and fortified bunkers at ranges beyond that of a standard thrown grenade or mine. The universally-applied nickname arose from the M1 variant's vague resemblance to the tubular musical instrument of the same name invented and popularized in the 1930s by U.S. comedian Bob Burns. Due to the novelty and easy recognition of the name, the term bazooka continues to be used informally as a genericized term to refer to any shoulder-fired missile weapon.

Game walkthrough: The reason this game is called Zombooka is because the name is a combination of Zombies and Bazookas. Cool ha!? Well, the bazooka is your weapon in this game and the zombies are your enemies. In each level, you will need to kill one of them. However, this will not be an easy task, give that in each level the zombies will be on different positions and you will need to aim very precisely in order to do your job. Be careful because the number of rockets is limited.

Game instructions: A point and click type of game, so the use of your mouse is essential. To aim, move your mouse, while to shoot click on the left mouse button. You can replay each level by clicking on the replay button show on your game screen. The number of rockets left, as well as your score, are also shown on the screen, at the bottom. Have fun!

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Added: 2 June 2011
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