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Title: Cute Zombie School Defense

Description: All the time there are rumors that speak about supposed zombie apocalypse. They say that will come a day when the zombies will ruin the whole world, and even there are many guides on the internet that teach us what to do in that kind of situation. The thing is that even governments make plans how to manage these situations, including Academic researches that treat the problem of zombie caused collapse of civilization. Their suggestion is to place people in quarantine but they also discovered many facts that speak about various risks that can compromise quarantine. They also found that discovering a cure would merely leave a few humans alive, since this would do little to slow the infection rate. Unfortunately the researchers found that all humans end up turned or dead. This is because the main epidemiological risk of zombies. If a zombie apocalypse will come, their population will just keeps increasing because the generations of survived humans still have a tendency to feed zombie populations… Little bit creepy, isn’t it?

Game walkthrough:And now leave this facts and rumors and let’s go back to our games. Here you know that these zombies can’t do you any harm, they may attack this school but they may not come into your room and attack you, so play calm, knowing that you are totally safe. You are a good zombie that lies at the top of the school and likes to protect it from the waves of evil zombies that are approaching you. Shoot them before they get to the school because since they reach it, yo start losing health and that leads to end of the game.

Game instructions: This is a typical shooting game. You use your mouse for playing it. Aim with the sniper and shoot with left click. The fortune of the students is in your hands; don’t let those bustards invade the school!

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Added: 14 May 2011
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